Why Wool Clothing Is A Smart Choice

Wool clothing is widely known for being comfortable, resilient, versatile, and durable. It is these qualities that allow 100% wool to stand out from other types of cloth. Learn about the many benefits of wool as well as how to take care of the wool clothing you own.

It Is Hypo-allergenic

There are countless allergy sufferers across the world and these people constantly look for products that fight against allergens. Wool fits the bill by protecting against dust mites, bacteria, mildew, and mold. In the case of dust mites, they need moisture to live and since wool quickly evaporates moisture, it is ideal for allergy patients to wear.

Temperature Maintenance

100% wool can help keep its wearer cozy and warm when it is cold outside and comfortable and cool when it is hot. The numerous air pockets encased in wool fibers do not let moisture become absorbed by the wearer’s skin, keeping them perfectly dry.

Maintaining Wool

If you own wool clothing, keep in mind that you should only dry clean it, which is recommended by most wool care labels. Because if you wash wool in water, it usually shrinks, whether or not you wash by hand or in a washing machine.

The shrinking property of wool clothing may be negative but it is not the fault of the cloth itself. It is due to the way the cloth is manufactured. If the wool is twisted, it will shrink a great deal more than if it is woven. Despite the fact that companies try to combat shrinkage by using chemical treatments, it is still up to you to maintain them properly as the treatments are not 100% full proof.

Despite the risks, you may still want to give hand washing a shot. Before you start, take a look at the care label and find out the actual wool percentage of the garment. If it falls below 50%, chances are your wool clothes will not be damaged. Do not forget that only cold water is acceptable; hot and warm temperatures contribute to shrinking. And if you decide to use the washing machine instead for your wool clothing, you may be able to do it too as long as you follow the above guidelines. However, find out what the machine’s wool settings are and use milder laundry detergents.

To start hand washing, add some laundry detergent to the cold water and immerse the clothes in the water. After it has a chance to soak, you can gently squeeze the wool clothing to rid of extra water; using a towel by wrapping the clothes in it before squeezing removes even more water. Once finished, you need to let it dry by laying it flat.

Now that you have learned the best way to care for your wool clothes, you can save money and time spent at the dry cleaners. If you take heed to the instructions listed above, your wool clothing will last for many years.

Trendy Lace Dress Styles for Your Prom

Lace dress designs are no longer grandmother’s old fashioned ones with high necklines, but funky trendy ones with short full skirts that are sexy and flirty – ideal for proms.


The most affordable ones are sold through Top Tier Style and eDressMe and cost between $50 and $300. The short lace dress styles in black, royal blue, baby blue and fuchsia are strapless with swishing skirts made from taffeta, tulle and lace overlays. Long ball gowns that have tulle underskirts or fluid a-line designs often have empire waistlines. Others are form-fitted and have slits and sheer lace insets at the waist. Faviana designs a series that has chiffon bodices and skirts in turquoise, teal, lavender and other trendy colors. There are sizes for everyone, from petite 0 – 4, 8 – 12, and even plus sizes up to 16.


The Liquorish collection offers vintage styles that are affordable (under $50) and have short full skirts with black lace overlays. The strapless bodices have sweetheart necklines – not so low as to be scandalous but still sexy. Pair these short lace dress styles with retro platform wedges and a set of stacking bangle bracelets and you’ll be the belle of the ball. Be careful with your undergarments, don’t choose the bra designs with clear plastic straps. It will ruin the look. Try jeweled straps that can hook into any strapless bra to keep it classy.

Sung Boutique

For $140 there is chic colorful lace and sequins strapless cocktail dresses in orange, bright blue, purple, lavender, light blue, silver and gold made by a shop in Los Angeles called the Sung Boutique. The lace dress creations feature youthful sweetheart necklines, empire waists with sashes, tulle skirts that are sassy and short with layers and layers, some with wire edge trim to keep them standing out, and soft chiffon shawls to toss around the neck or shoulders.

JS Boutique, Anna Sui and Queen of Heartz

For modest lace, dress designs try the JS Boutique. Some of the styles are classic lace overlays with higher bodices and slim skirts – still contemporary and sexy without being ostentatious. Prices are reasonable, with some of the black and white chiffon lace embellished items (which are knee-length) costing just $175. These are good for young ladies who need to wear a support bra underneath the dress. If you’re into retro alternative, give Anna Sui a try. The designs cost under $250, and although they’re crafted in lace, have an alternative edge that can pair with black tights and leather boots for an original look – formal without girly fluff. In a similar price range, there’s also the collection by Queen of Heartz – a vintage series that feature things like layered skirts with fringes and Oriental satin dresses in vibrant orange, purple and ivory.

Fashionable Formal Wear Clothes For Little Ones

There is an ever increasing market for designer clothing for young children today. Fashion designers everywhere are creating new lines of fashionable play wear, suits for toddlers, party dresses, designer jeans, etc., specifically geared for young children. The demand for chic children’s clothing is growing rapidly as parents opt only to buy top name brand products for their children.

When it comes to children’s formal wear clothing, there are many options for parents to choose from. Quality name brand clothing as well as designer labels command high prices and can be found in exclusive children’s boutiques or through online dealers. Trendy styles and designs of suits for toddlers can be custom made to specification for your little one upon request in any design you desire. These unique styles help your children stand out in a crowd and display the highest taste in fashions.

Many of today’s formal wear fashions for children mirror adult clothing in styles and designs, especially when it comes to little boys’ suits and little girls party wear used for high-class events. Boys attire may include pinstripe coat and pants set with matching dress shirt and tie to attend a church function or anniversary party for grandparents. Little girls dresses may be made of satin or silk fabric in a long flowing design for a wedding or communion. The variety of styles to choose from is unlimited with much more being created daily.

Other fashionable baby accessories in high demand include cot bedding, shoes, jewelry and nursery furnishings such as rugs, curtains, baby hampers, etc. Designer baby hampers come in a wide display of unique and innovative designs to enhance any nursery decor. Combining different types of decorative accessories for your nursery helps to create a unique nursery environment for your children that reflect how special they are.

Parents who want the very best for their children are more than willing to pay extra for quality fashions and accessories. When it comes to selection, online retailers offer a greater variety of children’s designer clothes for you to choose from. From little girls party wear to dress suits for toddlers, you will find what you need through online retailers specializing in fashion clothing for children. More ideas to partner baby hamper as a gift are items such as baby nappies and nursery bedding.